Everyone has a playful side.

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Everyone has a playful side. With collaborative design at the heart of our process, Thought Den help world-leading organisations use technology to bring binarioptiondemo audiences together for deeper, more playful engagement with arts, culture and science.

Let's make something great together! Videos, images and more Binarioptiondemo the archive Magic Tate Ball is a pioneering mobile app, critically acclaimed around the world for the playful way it connects casual art fans with Tate's collection.


The app binarioptiondemo live binarioptiondemo data like date, weather and location to match an artwork to that particular moment in time. Videos, images and more info.

Dear friends: After more than 28 successful years of consulting with incredible, passionate professionals and volunteers to improve their nonprofit organizations, the Evans Consulting Group is formally closing binarioptiondemo doors, effective October 31, We are concluding this chapter with the satisfaction of having helped hundreds of vibrant organizations get stronger financially binarioptiondemo with the confidence that we have made a positive impact on the philanthropic world in so many ways. We take pride in the work that we did — harnessing the power of philanthropy to drive positive social change.

Celebrating the space Capture The Museum is a live-action, multiplayer game for museum spaces, designed to welcome a new generation of visitors binarioptiondemo the building and provide new revenue streams for arts and culture binarioptiondemo. Videos, images binarioptiondemo more Binarioptiondemo the knowledge Design In a Nutshell combines a series of beautiful animations with a multi-platform interactive to demystify six key design movements, sparking dinner table discussion, social sharing and over 1.

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Clive Hilton, Open University Their creative solutions to tough problems kept things moving throughout production - not to mention their positivity and sense of humour! Hannah Binarioptiondemo, Tate I've been so impressed, from start to finish.


Ours was a particularly challenging brief and Thought Den responded with intelligence and managed the project with sensitivity.

An absolute pleasure.

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From the perils of bad sharing or a game about pain to the poignant story of a stranded mammoth, some of our best games are small and binarioptiondemo, made possible by long-standing relationships. Examples from a decade of playful learning.

Our workshops are designed to solve big problems in little steps, showing how to hide the technology, combine specialist content with game mechanics and design to encourage specific behaviours.

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